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Fab Niggahs Omegle Promo! - poop

Jennifer; 17 Narry is my otp. #fabniggah

Fab Niggahs Omegle Promo!
da rules
  • must be following n i a m
  • must reblog 
  • likes are not fab, likes will give you cancer
  • go into Omegle under the tags type in: one direction and bananas
  • click on text
  • to find us: ask if we are apart of The Fab Niggahs and ask us to list all the people apart of n i a m 
  • if you find one of us you can: 
  1. self promo in all of our asks
  2. single promo
  3. get Harry’s Tumblr (only 3 people)
  4. get Louis’ Tumblr (only 3 people)
  5. get Niall’s Tumblr (only 3 people)

Go Go Go!!!! 

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